Foundational Training: Create and Manage APIs

Course Overview 

Welcome to the Foundational Training: Create and Manage APIs Course on Apigee Academy! I'm looking forward to leading you through the entire process of building an API by combining elements of an existing API (we'll use my old joke website data) and adding new resources to create a brand new API. We'll cover some history, design practices, and we'll do a lot of hands-on development -- each week will build on the week before so your final work product will require you to understand and apply the entire course. If you stick with it, you walk away from this course knowing the basics of creating, managing and scaling great APIs using Apigee. While there are no prerequisites to this course, it will be easier to grasp if you have had some prior API experience.

Please join the class discussion and ask your questions, share your comments and engage with other students taking the course.  


Don't Sweat It

Not everyone is going to be an API developer -- heck, I'm not even an API developer -- but increasingly, we all play with APIs and our lives will be better if there are better APIs in the world. If you find yourself confused by the jargon and the technology, don’t worry and hang in there! Every little bit you learn along the way will be useful in your career even if you don't use it every day. 

Thank you again for signing up, and I look forward to see you on the other side!

Michael Bissell


Review History of APIs, Design Principles of the RV style, Current API Standards
Getting Started with Apigee, Review of the Apigee components, "Hello World" API Facade
Managing your API with Policies, Secure your API, Create Conditional Rules on Resources, Enforce Rules on Requests
Extend an Existing API with Advanced API Services, Create Custom Resources, Mash Up Resources from Different Sources, Write Custom Code for Custom Situations
Improve performance of your API, JSON to XML, Caching the API Response, Persistent Data with Key Value Maps, Custom Fault Handling
Authentication with oAuth, Basics of oAuth, Create and Manage Tokens, Scopes
Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), API SDLC, Resources and Environments, User Management, Deployment Methodologies
A little more about App Services, Managing Code with Proxies and Targets, Sharing Policies in an Org, Source Code Management