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Ask the Expert and Deep Dive Webinar Series

Have questions about your Apigee deployment? About the evolution of your digital transformation? Want to hear what is new and improved in Apigee's products? In our ongoing efforts to ensure our customers’ success, Apigee is releasing a series of live webinars in which you can interact with Apigee experts from the product and consulting teams. This page contains past webinar recordings as well as information about upcoming sessions.

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Fundamentals of Good API...

Fundamentals of Good API Design Quiz -is it that hard? I've gone through the course material twice now, the second time noting what I consider to be the correct answers to the questions in the quiz, in once case looking something up online, as the answers available in the quiz simply did did not match the course content, but it keeps telling me that I have not got 80% correct! #frustrated

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